How To Adapt International PPE Standard for Indonesian

Berkat  Safety, a supply company and distributor of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Thursday (9/2) successfully held an Occupational Safety Seminar entitled How To Adapt International PPE Standard for Indonesian at the Grand Jatra Hotel.

Dozens of Blessing Safety’s partners and customers seemed enthusiastic about participating in the 2023 National K3 Month series with the theme Realizing Decent Work with an OHS Culture to Support Business Continuity in Every Workplace.

The seminar which was supported by AETOS, KRUSHERS, inservice, CIG, KONG, TenCate, and Protective Industrial Products (PIP) presented speakers Bagus Nurcahyo from Tencate Protective Fabrics (APAC), Rudi Prihantono from Alasmas Berkat Utama, Kartiko Sri Kuncoro from Ironclad-KONG , Eryc A Wibowo from PIP Asia Pacific Ltd and Alfons Septianus G from CIG.

Thedja Sukmana, the Sales Department of Berkat Safety said that from this seminar, Berkat Safety wanted to provide education to the company’s loyal customers that there are many standards, and the average SNI doesn’t yet exist. which international,” he said.

He also stated that, for example, partners wanted to choose a fire-resistant coverall or what standard gloves should be used. What’s the European standard going to be like? That way it can help partners to use the best personal protective equipment (PPE) that is most appropriate,” he said.

Thedja said, in Indonesia, this product partner continues to grow, especially supported by an increasingly diverse industry, the need for work safety is very high. Where once only shoes and helmets. But now, after the pandemic, there are many mask products with SNI standards. Some use American standards and European standards. “That’s why we are trying to hold this seminar in which there will be many new PPE industries, not only in the mining and oil and gas sector. However, other industries will emerge, for example in electricity,” he said.

As the most complete safety equipment supplier and distributor company, Thedja stated that Blessing Safety in this month of K3 invites all company partners to continue to instill a work safety culture. “Work accidents will decrease and zero accidents will be achieved if the K3 culture is improved at every job,” he said.

The seminar was also structured with the launching of Krushers Coolmax offered by PT Alasmas Berkat Utama, a safety shoe manufacturer that has implemented SNI for safety shoes that prioritizes quality through innovative products. Previously preceded by the Dayak Pesona Putri Kalimantan Dance from Jali-Jali Enterprest.

“We from PT Alasmas Berkat Utama are pleased to introduce new products and variants from Krushers with new technology, namely Coolmax,” said Rudi Prihantono, representative of PT Alasmas Berkat Utama.

Rudi explained, that this latest product has 5 advantages embedded in safety shoes that can be used in all fields, both wet and dry. Namely, the type of shoe leather is full green, made from material that dries quickly even when the feet are damp, grips better, the material is chromed stainless steel which is not easy to rust and anti-slip with a design that improves from before, especially especially out soul which uses quality materials. “This latest product we provide 6 new variants with the best quality and easy to use,” he said.

At the end of the seminar, Berkat Safety, as the initiator of the activity, provided various prizes and games with attractive prizes that seminar participants could take home.

And for current information, Berkat Safety has supplied dozens of international brands such as 3M, MSA, CIG, Dupont, Proban, Ansell, Uvex, and other safety products. Specifically for safety footwear, Berkat Safety has its own factory, namely PT. Alasmas Blessing Main. The benefits you get by becoming a partner with Berkat Safety are the One Stop Shopping concept for PPE needs. International and SNI standard goods. Training or training for users/clients when using PPE supplied by Thanks to Safety. Original Item. Ready stock goods because thanks to a large distributor safety. Competitive and economical prices. Guaranteed for certain PPE items

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